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Selected cases of use of Unimedio


The basic system for storing documents in a company and sending securely large files to external contractors via convenient public links


Integration with company ERP and elimination of paper documents from circulation


A platform for a solution that supports registers and service events of a hardware supplier on the automotive market


Document repository related to quality assurance of production processes in the pharmaceutical industry

Selected case studies

Dedicated implementation of the In-Lab Internal Record System on the Unimedio platform


In-Lab is a Polish manufacturer of advanced solutions for public transport, cooperating with the largest bus manufacturers and carriers with the largest fleet of vehicles.

Provides IoT systems, communication devices and devices to improve the energy balance of vehicles. As part of the last mentioned solutions, the company uses unique flexible photovoltaic panels on the roofs of vehicles along with an advanced energy management system and devices using energy recuperation during repeated braking of vehicles in urban and airport traffic.

The growing number of devices with different parameters supplied to the market has become a challenge for the company in the management of widely understood pre- and after-sales documentation. Therefore, the company decided to implement a dedicated version of the Unimedio repository to achieve the following goals.

Goals achieved

  • Collecting full documentation of parts and devices (catalog cards, warranty cards, implementation procedures, instructions) in one system accessible through a browser for authorized office and field employees (service)
  • Quick verification of the warranty rights of devices through the ability to keep and conveniently search the records
  • Storing service event history
  • The ability to easily create new data sets (with a different structure for the purpose of storing information about future products) without the need for additional development costs
  • No need to invest in equipment, high availability and scalability due to the use of the cloud

Additional effects

  • Simplification of service and use of the full resource of available data for management and reporting purposes
  • The use of service event analysis to diagnose customer misuse (repetitive failures related to specific vehicles and situations)
  • Dedicated REST integration of the Unimedio system with the In-Lab domain system responsible for managing internet devices installed in vehicles
  • Automatic verification of the serial numbers of devices, preventing unauthorized operations, in particular connecting to the advertising system of devices with an expired license
  • Adjusting and simplifying the appearance of the Uimedio application interface to the needs of employees without IT experience